About Us


About us:

TEETEX ZONE was established by the persons having long time practical experience to meet the challenge of apparels requirements of the world market. The kee Management has a long wide experience of garments manufacturing to shipment.

The persons of TEETEX ZONE has worked more than 15 years in the textile/clothing sector and has broad experience on the all steps of garment manufacturing, spinning, weaving/knitting, dyeing-printing & finishing,  washing, packing, quality control, inspection and shipment procedures.

Being different as we are a service and solutions providing company with young and motivated team that dedicated to help its clients to have a Pleasant sourcing experience].

Rapidly growing one-stop sourcing and supply chain management solutions provider for leading retail chain operators, well-known brands, wholesalers, mail order houses and departments stores in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. Our sourcing in Bangladesh focuses on ensuring the quality and on time delivery of consumer products to our clients.

We offer a modular range of services precisely tailored to the needs of each of our clients, emphasizing on the management of their brands. Services include product development and design, sourcing, merchandising follow-up, factory evaluations, quality control, social compliance auditing and shipping coordination.

Our Values :

To gain and retain our customer’s respect and loyalty through our quality products and services.

We also want to point out that the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers are free from child labor since 1 November 1996. Please see at http://www.bgmea.com/social.htm


TEETEX ZONE has unique strengths include the experience of its people. Textile professionals, who have worked and served this industry for a long time, have formed this company after spending many years in this field, We understand and realize the problems which most of the overseas buyers are facing today; hence we are ready to provide solutions to all your sourcing problems and aim to bring back the smile on your face.


TEETEX ZONE is the result of expertise knowledge and confidence of a group of devoted technicians willing to offer all possible service to the Readymade Garment importers up to their expected level regarding Quality, Quantity, Fashion, Design and Price. We are specialized in the following:

Yarn and its Quality


Dyeing as per Buyers swatches / Pantone

Proper garments Design as per Buyers specification

Fabrics: We believe in service and the best quality of fabrics. Good fabrics are the key to the best production minimizing rejection, giving exceptional outlook. Procurement of the following types of fabrics can easily be made available:

Single Jersey

All types of Rib

All types of Pique and Lacoste.



Needle drop


Any woven fabrics


Stretched fabrics

The above fabrics have an extensive variety of cotton blend, polyester, cvc, tc (it is always better to avoid abbreviations) etc.

Sampling: Garments can develop to suit the color, fabrics and style requirement of the season. We can arrange any type of samples/salesmen sample as desired by the buyers and courier them directly to each buyer.

In our buying house, we developed a sampling section with the appropriate number of sewing machines. A group of skilled people is working for the constant development of sample and pattern. We cannot solely depend on any factory for designing the sample. However pre-production sample is being developed at the factory of our own associates.


Our quality assurance team spans country’s territory, conducting on-site visits to ensure all products meet the quality standards and on-time deliveries specified by customers. Stringent monitoring services include pre-production review and inspection of raw materials, in-line audits and final audits.

Our QA teams operate under the AQL System for the inspection of apparel.


►Our Strength is our strong supply chain, which enables us to achieve short

production lead times and quick deliveries

►Our backward linkage ensures right quality and quick procurement of raw materials

►Most of our factories always carry minimum stock of raw materials

►We are able to ship the goods in short time depending on style and quantity from our developed sources.

►Our sources conform to global code of conduct norms, with all health and safety measures, effluent treatment facilities, labor laws, Okko-tex standards and social  commitments.

►All our factories, especially for knit items are fully composite, having fabrics and garments production in-house.

►We have pre-allocated production space in all our factories and hence it’s easy for us to execute all our orders on time

►On the spot presence of our technical and quality assurance team ensures smooth running of orders and achieve right quality in first time, to avoid last moment surprises.


Our product development and design concepts professionalized to follow latest product trends and market intelligence to help customers to develop private label business. In addition, we also offer sample developments based on product specifications and guidance on effective branding.


We understand how important it is to have the samples developed in time to increase sales. We also know that how difficult it is to get the sample on time with right quality for a buyer.  We are capable to get the samples developed and dispatched in short time to all our clients. We also sometime develop our range of samples following new trends, which helps our clients to select styles from our range.


We can provide you the OCS (cost breakdowns), for you to negotiate much better prices for your product range.


Merchandising Follow-up::
A. Communication:

We at TEETEX ZONE focus on the movement and value of information and we strongly believe that most of the problems can be solved if the information is transferred accurately and on time.

B. Reliable production quality:

Apart from our sourcing, we are able to provide other important services also to our customers. If you are working with many factories across the globe, it is important for you to have consistency in your product range in terms of colors, patterns, construction, feel, etc.

C. Accessories management:

We work closely with our customers in the design, development and production of hang-tags, patches, buttons, poly-bags and packaging. By having this service provided, we believe that we can help control the timely delivery of trims to factories ensuring that apparel orders are produced to meet our customers’ schedules.

D. Order tracking:

We believe efficient order tracking in every stages of production can only ensure delivery on time.

E. Container stuffing/Loading Supervision:

An Identification of the goods by our Q.C supervision is ensuring that only the inspected goods are being stuffed and not getting mixed up with un-inspected goods.

F. Documentation & Shipping Co-ordination:

Our commercial people (or colleagues or employees) collect and check the shipping document as per buyer’s requirement and send the document well in advance so that no anguish arises.



You may be working with some factories already in Bangladesh; our Quality Assurance team can conduct inspections on your behalf to confirm the quality or to have you the correct status of your running orders. If you are negotiating with any factory to work directly, we can do an evaluation and send you a report.


Social compliance is a daily practice not a theory. We are keen on Global Compliance. It conducts social compliance evaluations and provides monitoring on all production facilities. We work closely with factories to ensure that the necessary systems and procedures are set up so that products are manufactured under the highest legal and ethical standards.


Circular Knitwear:

All styles (T-shirt, Polo shirt, Tank-tops, Sweat-shirt, Rugby-shirt, Joggers etc.), all fabrics (100% Cotton, T/C, CVC, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Spandex, Viscose/Spandex, Polymide/Spandex etc.), in any composition, wash and GSM.

Flat knit/Heavy knit items:

Cotton/Acrylic/Wool, in gauge from 1.5 to 16.


From normal windbreaker to high performance Jacket.


All kinds of TOPS and BOTTOMS in all constructions, quality and wash.


As a result of our long experience and expertise knowledge in the clothing sector, we can render unique services to our customers in order to improve their business.